Join the Society of Labour Lawyers today

Join our legal community and help us support the Labour Party and uphold the principles of justice, liberty, equality, and the rule of law. 

£50 a year
2+ Years PQE/call
Chartered legal exec/barrister/solicitor;

£45 a year
Less than 2 Years PQE/call
Chartered legal exec/barrister/solicitor;

£25 a year
Employed lay magistrate, trainee solicitor/pupil barrister/ chartered legal exec, paralegal or academic

£10 a year
Law student, retired, or unwaged member

£10 a year
Associate membership for those with an interest and want to attend SLL events (non-voting)

Our members are at the heart of everything we do, from setting the overall direction of the Society, to running our practice and policy groups, and organising our extensive programme of events. 

As a member you will receive regular news updates and have access to all SLL events, discussions, and receptions. You will also be able to join groups, attend meetings, run for positions, and participate in our mentoring scheme.  

We have been providing legal advice and policy support to the Labour Party since 1948 but receive no funding from the party itself. Our work can only continue thanks to the support and generosity of our members and volunteers.

If you have any questions about membership of SLL, please contact us at: